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      Company introduction    

       Shangqiu Chemry Chemicals, a joint stock system company, is founded on March, 2004. The company located in the industrial of Zhecheng Town, which is close to ShangZhou and YongDeng highways.


           Our company mainly manufactures fine chemicals, which includes API, veterinary drug, feed addictives, chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. The company occupies a land area of 25000 square meters, the excellent surroundings, the 1500 square meters standard workshop, the 500 square meters warehouse and 500 square meters office room. Chemry has the ability to produce 1000 tons feed addictives annually.


           The featured products are Flutamide, Tranexamic acid, Fenofibrate, Dibazolum, Diprophylline, Saccharin Sodiuma, Bromisoval, Metoclopramide, Pralidoxime Iodide, Pyraloxime Methylchloride Pyraloxime Methylchloride, Metoclopramide hydrochloride, Tiopronin, Norfloxacin, Pefloxacin mesylate, Thiamine chloride and Thiamine nitrate. All of the products mentioned above are up to standard; and particularly the chemical material can meet the criterions of China, America and Japan pharmacopeia; and the feed addictives fulfills requests from China veterinary pharmacopeia.


           The company owns high-caliber leading cadres, which includes 2 Senior Engineers, 8 Engineers and 1 Licensed Pharmacist.


           The leading group pays much attention to the environment protections, enterprise management and marketing. The efforts from them are leading Chemry to be a standardized, civilized and modernized company.

      Tel:0370—3258668 Contact persons:Mr Wang & zhaozhilin Manage
      Business address: East Shangqiu Zhuzhou east road environmental protection good  park 6th building 3 unit 5 buildings zip code: 476000
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