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    Pralidoxime Iodid

     CAS#: 94-63-3

    English [name] Pralidoxime Iodid

    [] the product is the chemical composition of 1- methyl -2- pyridine aldoxime iodide.

    [name] other pralidoxime, iodine phosphorus, phosphorus enemy, paim, phosphate solubilizing poison, PAM, aldehyde oxime of amine, Pyraloximelodide, Pyridine a-Aldoxime Methiodide, PAM

    [indications] the treatment of organic phosphorus poisoning. But a separate application effect of poor, should with anticholinergic drugs combined application. [2]

    Drug classification [] antidote - organic phosphorus poisoning antidote for the earliest application of AChE reactivator. The potion low solubility, water solution is not stable, long home can release iodine. The product of different organophosphates poisoning effect existence difference, as of Demeton, malathion and parathion poisoning curative effect is better, to trichlorfon, dichlorvos poisoning effect is a bit poor, but of dimethoate poisoning is invalid. The 2 component

    [description] this product is a yellow granular crystal or crystalline powder; odourless. Bitter; light case of perishable. This product in the water or hot ethanol and dissolved, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. The melting point of the product of the melting point (Appendix VI C) is 220-227 DEG C, melting and decomposition. The absorption coefficient of light avoidance operation. Take this product, accurately weighed, add hydrochloric acid solution (9, 1000) dissolved and diluted into each 1ml quantitative solution containing approximately 10 G. In 1 hours, according to UV Vis spectrophotometry (Appendix IV, A) measured absorbance in the 294nm wavelength, absorption coefficient (E 1%/1cm) 464-494.

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