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    Pvraloximi Chloridum

     CAS#: 51-15-0

    Drug name] pralidoxime chloride

    [English name] Pvraloximi Chloridum

    [alias] chloride phosphorus pralidoxime chloride, PraHdoximeMethytchloride, 2, a PAM - Cl, Portopam [molecular formula] C7H9ON2CL [Characteristics] crystalline powder is yellowish white; no olympic. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, practically insoluble in chloroform or ether. 2.87% aqueous solution of isotonic solution.

    [pharmacological action] this product is organic phosphorus poison solution. Because of its molecular structure containing quaternary ammonium groups, can be combined with organic phosphorus free, be nontoxic compounds excreted; can also restore the cholinesterase activity, but the poisoning time more than 36 hours, the product recovery effect is poor.

    [indications] the product used in the rescue of acute organophosphate poisoning, but its role in the restoration of cholinesterase according to organic phosphorus varieties with different and not equal: for the good effect of parathion, Demeton, phorate, methamidophos, Trapp; trichlorphon, dichlorvos of poor curative effect of dimethoate, malathion effect; suspicious; has adverse effect on two azinphos methyl, diazinon. At the same time, the product can also be combined with atropine, eliminate acetylcholine produced in vivo toxicity of savings.

    Tel:0370—3258668 Contact persons:Mr Wang & zhaozhilin Manage
    Business address: East Shangqiu Zhuzhou east road environmental protection good  park 6th building 3 unit 5 buildings zip code: 476000
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