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    CAS#: 496-67-3

    English Name: Bromisoval

    HS Code: 2924210090

    The color characters: white needle crystal. Soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, insoluble in cold water. Soluble in hot water. Odorless, slightly bitter taste

    Executive standard: JP15

    Melting point: the temperature of 151-155 DEG C

    Molecular formula: C6H11BrN2O2

    Molecular weight: 223.07

    Use: the product has a calm and mild narcotic, after serving 5 minutes markedly, action duration 4h, habitual, can be made into powder, tablets and injections.

    Tel:0370—3258668 Contact persons:Mr Wang & zhaozhilin Manage
    Business address: East Shangqiu Zhuzhou east road environmental protection good  park 6th building 3 unit 5 buildings zip code: 476000
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